Trust & Safety:

On Crowdsurfr we take our job seriously when it comes to trust and safety. We believe that it is our job to provide a secure platform that our users trust! We continuously investigate and troubleshoot issues that may arise in our community Our overall goal is to provide a safe, trusted, honest, transparent and secure platform with our valuable users, we hope that we can create unforgettable memories and push the boundaries of entertainment.

Good to know:

Crowdsurfr is not your regular ticket outlet or venue. Users are helping to support the creation of events & concerts. Creating events or concerts is not easy, however, we recommend that you brace yourself with a little bit of patience, some curiosity and eventually the universe will work its magic.

Artists, Agents, Bookers, Management, Venues, Businesses, Institutions, etc. (hereafter creator) are responsible for their projects. When you support an event, you are trusting the creator hereof. If you have doubts or don’t know them by reputation, we suggest doing a little research first. Crowdsurfr does not evaluate all events and concerts. In the end, you decide what is worth supporting and what is not.

Some events will not go as planned. Events can with even a creator’s best efforts have trouble and an event or concert may not work out the way everyone hoped. Creators may have hosted, planned and held concerts and events with remarkable track records, but in the end, nothing is guaranteed as cancellations, illness or unforeseen force majeure may occur.

Refrain from. The use of hateful, offensive, profane, or vulgar language in all areas of the website. Public areas include events, concerts, profiles, feedback, discussion boards (The Pit), and more. Abusive language (language or comments that could be considered harmful to the reputation of another user) is also strictly prohibited on Crowdsurfr.

For you as a supporter:

Read and explore the event page. All events or concerts on Crowdsurfr contain enough information in detail about the specific event or concert for you to feel safe and provide everything you need to know. Verified accounts for creators are added continuously to provide extra safety. Do not forget to read the comments on event pages and orientate yourself about the cost.

Ask us questions. If there is anything you want to know about an event or concert ask the creator. If under any circumstances the creator is unable to help, we are here to do exactly that. Head over to the about us page and send us a message. If you in any way come across anything suspicious, please inform us. This important feedback helps us make the platform more secure, safe and refrain others from any abuse of the system and community.

Are you a creator?

Be transparent, open and be responsive. Help Crowdsurfrs in every way you can. Users are the ones helping you reach what you want to accomplish. Try your best to answer all Crowdsurfrs questions and address their concerns, quickly and thoroughly. This will help you reach verification and show the users that you are reliable, available, and committed to your events and/or concerts.

Honesty and good ethics. Of course, everyone dreams of sold-out events and concerts. Do not try to sell fancy pictures and big promises. Give your audience exactly what they get and gain a better reputation and value. Not only on Crowdsurfr but with all our users and partners.

We only work with trusted partners. We continuously verify and add new creators to Crowdsurfr. If anyone approaches you with offers to promote or market your event or concert, remember that Crowdsurfr does not endorse or have any affiliation with such services or individuals. However, we are all for sharing at Crowdsurfr. Just remember that it is your own responsibility to take the right precautions before doing so. We can not be held responsible for third parties sending spam messages to or about your events. You can be held accountable, and your event/concert and/or profile could be suspended.

We work hard on the following.

We continue to learn and grow. Therefore are your input and comments valued. It helps us build the best platform and give you a better overall experience.

We continue to monitor our system. We do not like bugs in tech but love the ones which contribute to our biosystem on our lovely planet.

Crowdsurfr is a wonderful tool for bringing live events and concerts to life. So far, several thousand in schools, nightlife, and tech have tested our platform and supported local artists and communities. On Crowdsurfr, we believe honesty and transparency are the way forward and we hope that Crowdsurfrs and creators implement this belief. We love having you onboard our innovative ship.

Crowdsurfr Team